Class Rep Notes

ACHS Alumni Association Meeting Notes

December 17, 2013

The fourth quarter Carroll Alumni Association (ACAA) meeting of 2013 was held on December 17th .    It was called to order by John Arsonault ’70, current president of the Association.

Mark Savercool.    The first to speak was Mark Savercool, a Carroll grad who joined the Carroll administration earlier this year after working at Gonzaga for several years.  He replaces Fr. John Mudd as Carroll’s chief money grabber. (Just a joke.  His exact title escapes me, but you get my drift.)  He discussed some of his initiatives to promote Carroll and mentioned a couple I thought you might find interesting.  The first was the recent basketball game between George Washington and Rutgers.   Why that, you ask?  Ironically—and a credit to Carroll--both coaches, Rutgers’ Eddie Jordan and GW’s Mike Lonergan, are Carroll grads.  Mark submitted a draft story to the Post emphasizing that irony, but it didn’t make the press.  It was, however, mentioned within the Post article on the game itself.   Interesting.   Just thought I’d pass that along.  The other event was Carroll’s annual Thanksgiving food drive.  As usual it was amazing.  Nearly 40,000 pounds of food collected.   (They actually weigh each bag donated.) and complete dinners provided to 300 DC families.  Mark noted that he felt humbled by the event—his first to actually be involved in—due to the fact that many of the kids who participated would have actually been eligible to receive donations themselves.  40% of Carroll students are eligible for food stamps.  Have to say, it made me stop and think too. 

Tiffani Scurlock, Director of Admissions.  Tiffani gave an update on recent recruitment initiatives which are critical now since many of the local DC Catholic elementary schools have closed.  As you may recall from your own experience, they essentially functioned as feeder schools to Carroll.  I’ll have more to say on her overall talk in a few months when I fulfill my annual Class Rep “job requirement” of soliciting financial support, but for now, here’s one item worth mentioning.  Carroll’s International Baccalaureate program is paying off in terms of recruitment.  Foreign students are now showing interest.  For example, one current student is from Belgium and the Chinese embassy has contacted Carroll and offered Carroll the opportunity to participate in an educational exchange trip to explain Carroll’s programs, etc., to future embassy staff.  When I mentioned this to my wife, she explained that students from foreign countries often do not get credit for their studies here in the US except when they graduate from an accredited International Baccalaureate program.   Interesting.  Does that say something about our overall educational system?  I’m not sure, but I believe Carroll is the only Catholic HS in the area that has an International Baccalaureate program.

Fr. Mudd Retirement Celebration:  The celebration of Fr. Mudd’s retirement will be held on Sunday, February 23, 2014.  Many of us, particularly those from Nativity, know John Mudd very well.  I’d like to see a great turnout for him.  He’s been a fixture at the school for about 30 years and has done more than anyone in keeping it going.   Also, without him getting us started we probably would not have had either of our two reunions.  The event will start with a Mass at 2 PM followed by a reception.  No cost.  Naturally however, donations will be gratefully accepted!  All donations will be designated for the planned, but unfunded, renovation of the Augustinian Chapel.  Sound familiar?  Savercool noted that Carroll had about $16,000 in seed money allocated to this project given to the school primarily by us, the Class of 1962.   The project’s cost will be in excess of $250K.   I guess we can say we started something!

Hall of Fame Inductions. This year’s athletic Hall of Fame inductees will come from classes 1980-1984.  The ceremony will take place on the Saturday of Homecoming weekend.  

Annual Bull Roast.  This year’s Bull Roast (annual alumni social) was held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, rather than Friday.   It was reported to be much more successful than in past years.  Some of us locals should think about going.  Help us keep in touch.

Alumni Giving Goals.  Mark Savercool proposed that for this coming year the ACAA goal should be that every class have at least twenty-five members who donate to Carroll.  No specific  financial goal, just participation.  Again, I’ll be talking about that in another message in the Spring.

ACAA Bylaws.  The remainder of the meeting addressed the need to amend the ACAA Bylaws which, currently as written, prohibit graduates of other Catholic high schools which have closed from joining the ACAA even when their school was “merged” with and became part of Carroll, such as Mackin.  Proposed amendments will be addressed and voted on at the next meeting.  My position is that only graduates of those schools which were merged into Carroll should be allowed to join.  A couple of the girl schools simply closed. 

In summary, a typical meeting, but I have to say the first two items were the most interesting to me.  I hope this gets posted in the website before Christmas because I want to close with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!. . . . .  Hope time treats all of you well in 2014

Joe Gerber, Class Rep.

December 18, 2013